Crowdfunding Campaigns

Do you have a project that you want to use crowdfunding to start?

We help you develop an effective communication strategy, create customized content for your target audience, and use methods and tricks to create compelling rewards that will transform your audience into bakers of your project.

The steps we take:

● We research your target audience likely to be interested in your project so as to help you create attractive and appropriate rewards.

● We help you design your rewards: we will define with you the most appropriate rewards for your campaign, taking into account various factors such as the value of what you offer and the cost of delivering the rewards.

● We actively search for backers before and during the crowdfunding campaign.

General Communication strategy: we will advise on actions to use word of mouth (first circle of potential backers: friends, family, neighbours) and other means of local communication (local and specialized media, etc.) to touch a second circle of backers – people from your local area, people interested in the causes defended by the project.

● Online communication strategy: we help you implement tools to harness the power of the internet, create outlets for the campaign in relevant networks, and attract maximum attention before and during the campaign. This potentially includes the creation of a website, a video and photo presentation of the project, writing copy adapted to different media and the use of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Linkedin ) to reach potential backers.

We monitor the fundraising campaign daily, and organise coordinated collective actions both online and off-line. As a project leader your involvement is of course necessary and extremely important throughout the process.

Once the campaign is over we provide you with everything you need to deliver the rewards we have previously designed together prior to the crowdfunding campaign launch.

● Finally we provide a report that includes a campaign summary and resources such as contacts, partnerships and tools built during the campaign that may be useful for the future development of your project.