A one-time consultation to help you reach clarity around a given question and get into action.

Crowdfunding Coaching

We coach you throughout the process of thinking your project through, finding your target audience, building an on-line community around your project, preparing for, launching, and managing your crowdfunding campaign.

With a single consultation you can access our knowledge, learn from our experience and get specific advice about your online communication strategy or any other aspect of your crowdfunding campaign.

We coach you throughout the whole process of getting crystal clear on what you want to do, why want to do it, who you are doing for etc. Then we help you build an online following, create creating your online communication strategy and design, launch and manage your crowdfunding campaign.

Our job is helping you always know what to do next, where to focus and how to use your time and energy effectively. Your job is implementing: creating the content, setting up and managing all the tools, reaching out and creating partnerships etc.

Hiring us as your coaches means we are with you at all stages to give you our best, 100% honest feedback and guarantee that you stay on the right track with the best possible chances of success.

In Detail

Here is what you get with each one of our offers

The One-Time Consultation

You ask us your question and explain the challenge you are facing in a email.

You send us any information or content that can help us understand your situation. For example this could include content you are working on, the URLs of
your website and social media profiles, and or your crowdfunding campaign if you have already launched it.

We agree on a time for a two hour call during which the consultation will take place. We can connect of the phone or on Skype or Google Hangouts.

After our call we will email you a step by step action plan that we have come up with together during the consultation.

Monthly Coaching

We meet virtually - over the phone, on Skype or Google hangouts, for an hour every week. This hour can be split into two half-hour sessions if it is convenient and makes sense for us to do so.

Email us anytime 24/7 with your questions. We'll get back to you with a response within 48 hours.

Emergency minutes. Things don't always go to plan. If you come up against an unexpected challenge, you can call us. We've got 30 extra emergency minutes for you each week.

Get our feedback on all the content you write to promote your project and your crowdfunding campaign.

We promote you on our networks : our blog, mailing list, social media, and on the networks of previous campaigns we have organized that share similar topics or philosophy as yours.

We send you our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign. This means you have step-by-step road map to refer to at all times.


180 € inc. tax

Pricing and Terms

- Initial payment of a fixed amount calculated as 5% of the amount you need for your project

- 16% commission on funds raised during the campaign, after the platform has taken it's share.

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