Komgourou offers consulting, coaching and communication services to the creators of crowdfunding campaigns.

Crowdfunding Made Easy

We make it easy for people with exciting projects and ideas to take advantage of crowdfunding to organise a successful campaign. Our mission: making a successful crowdfunding campaign accessible to anyone who has a good idea or project.

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Communication Strategy

Komgourou is here to help you create a communication strategy, custom content tailored to target audience, and to give you tips and tricks to create compelling rewards and transform your audience into backers.

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Expand Your Network

A successful crowdfunding involves building a following and getting people excited before the launch, and finding partners and customers who will keep following you and doing business with you long term.

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A Win-Win Relationship

Komgourou is compensated primarily in the form of a commission of the funds we raise for our clients. We therefore share the risks with our clients, but also their ambition to succeed.

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Our checklist for creating a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Crowdfunding: 11 ideas to ask for money without being pushy, needy, or feeling uncomfortable.

In this post we offer 11 ideas to make asking for money when you launch your crowdfunding campaign easy.

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Le Café des Possibles – an eco-citizen café in Sigean, France

A non-profit eco-friendly café run by eco-citizens in Sigean, Aude (France). April 2014: The non-profit association “Le champ des possibles”, created by the “Jardins de la Fount” in Sigean, invited Komgourou to a board meeting. We came to discuss the possibility of organising a crowdfunding campaign to fund “the opening of a cafe that would […]

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